New year – new movies!

After one year of break, Quickino is coming back to Berlin after New Year, in the first week of 2023. We can meet again and be fearless creative, experience a little filmaking community, growing together from the first meet till the screening, having one common goal – make a movie. Too good to be truth? It suprises every time, when you almost thought it’s too late… Quickino is a challenge: Can you do well with nothing? Can you do better with little? Can you do it NOW?

All the important information you can find right here:

WHERE? Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin Near to U+S Janowitz Brücke

WHEN? Production meeting on Wednesday 04.01.2023 18:00, Screening on Saturday 07.01.2023 20:00

Few details about the place. We are hosted by c-base Berlin. We will have a room for kinolab, called seminar room, where we can put our stuff and separate from the bar area. This space will be alcohol and drug free area!

This is the Kinolab – our home place, where we meet, create, edit and screen. Please, respect the rules in the common space.

Important: please, do not enter the areas downstairs, which are only for c-base members. Don’t shoot anyone without permission (beside the Kino people)! No discrimination of anyone. Welcome to the kino family and have fun!


You can sneak in and have a look. If you stay with us and want to be really part of it, please support the organisation with:

allround 20€ (badge, vegan/vegetarian/not vegetarian breakfast 10-12am and some other expenses)

just one day 5€

c-base members – WELCOME!

PLEASE take a minute and REGISTER HERE


Wed 4.1. from 12:00-15:00 building the kinolab in c-base

                16:00 Production meeting in the Big Hall (bar area), discussing ideas and plans, kinolab is open till 24:00

Thu  5.1. from 10:00 Breakfast meet-up, prepare for the shooting, find your music/sound, editing till 24:00

Fri    6.1. from 10:00 Breakfast meet-up, go shooting, come back and edit the whole night! kinolab stays open!

Sat   7.1. from 10:00 Breakfast meet-up, last shootings, finish the editing, music, add subtitles, export and

                        20:00 prepare SCREENING

                        21:00 start of MOVIE SCREENING and afterparty


“And yet it moves” QUICKINO #11

Between Christmas and New Year – during the silent time of the year (accompanied with the total lock-down) – we will experiment, learn and play, producing very short movies, so called quickies.
Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, we cannot be personally together in a KinoLab, that’s why we will make movies a bit differently this year. But especially in these dark times we DON’T GIVE UP and we won’t stop this crazy filmmaking journey!
Write your script, shoot and edit your film on distance – in exchange and collaboration with other Kinoits over internet – sounds an exciting challenge, doesn’t it?!
So this time we will go even BIGGER than usual and we’ll connect and unite filmmakers and Kinoits from all around the world, to be even more creative and to DO IT NOW instead of waiting for better times!


26th of December:
5PM: quick TECHNICAL INTRODUCTION to zoom and how to effectively use it during Quickino(zoom)
9PM: WELCOMING evening. Getting to know each other and START brainstorming (zoom) 28th of December: SHOOTING and EDITING
7PM: 2nd PRODUCTION MEETING (zoom) refreshing the status of ongoing projects and introducing more people/projects 30th of December:
1PM: FINISHING upload of fresh movies via wetransfer


Versión Española:
Version Francaise:

Registered participants get the link to the zoom meeting room via email or in a private message on facebook.

Quickino is not just about making your movie but also about offering your talent to others and even discovering new talents together. Stay curious and creative! An example could be a movie shot in Berlin, with voice over from Canada and music from Spain. To stay connected with each other during the event we will provide different platforms such as our wordpress website, facebook, zoom or murals. That’s how we will all be up to date concerning projects, participants, talents and of course helping hands.

No matter how you realize your projects please be responsible, take care and stay safe.

After a quick technical introduction and support on zoom we’ll have our first production meeting, where everybody presents herself or himself, her or his project idea and/or offer individual talent or wish how to participate. If you cannot be online with us at the production meeting, you can send us your presentation in any creative form (a picture, short video made on your cellphone, actors showreel or link to your website). As better your plan and presentation, the more chance of getting a good crew members for your short!

The movie ideas should be SHORT and SIMPLE, preferably socalled QUICKIES (meaning a very short movie, for example a sketch, a (music) video clip, a joke, a simple animation, a short docu/mocumentaryetc.) During the production meeting we’ll make a list of projects with (name, length, and needs to realize it)

Please download the final picture, that you put on very end of your film.
EXPORT your movie as a mp4 file (H.264, up to 20Mbit/s videorate). As it will be screened online, we dont need high quality or4K.
The finished movie has to be UPLOADED via WETRANSFER and sended until Dec 30th 2020 1pm on to!!!

Our fresh movies from Quickino #11 will not be presented on screen at the wonderful little SPUTNIK cinema in Berlin as planned, but we will stream them on zoom and youtube.
Make the last short movies of the year with Quickino!!


Last year’s impressions – next year’s promisses

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End of december 2017 we have rocked the Greenhouse in several floors: in the 3rd we had cooked, lived and eat, in the 6th floor we manage a big editing room and in the 8th floor in the Kantine we had our production meetings and screening.

This year we are hosted by the same house in the south of Berlin, close to Neukölln and the ex-airport Tempelhof. Greenhouse is  a place where many artists from all around the world work night and day in their studio, creating a little community, where they exchange and cooperate on projects. So its very possible that you could win an excellent artist for your film project that you come up with on the Quickino meeting which is gonna take place on 27th and 29th December 2018from 11am-1pm in the 8th floor Gallery.


Program QK#4

FRIDAY 27.12. welcome meeting, making music, inspiration please!

18:00-20:00 Production meeting

20:00 dinner

22:00 – 03.00 concert and jam-session

SATURDAY 28.12.  it’s a shooting and party day!

10:00 Meeting at the breakfast

20:00 dinner

24:00 – 06:00 little trip into a dancing night life – RAW, The Zone, Sandman)

all day – brainstorming, shooting, drinking and enjoying

SUNDAY 29.12. new ideas coming, we wanna shoot more!

12:30 Meeting for new projects with brunch (Olly makes crepes) 🙂

all day – shooting and editing everywhere

all night – editing what’s possible, making music and sounds

MONDAY 30.12. edit, edit, edit – finish, export, screen it!

10:00 breakfast

10:00-19:00 finishing, music, shooting the last movie… maybe


19:00 leaving Shangl and giving all movies (ABGABE)

20:00 door opens at Sputnik Cinema at U7 Sudstern, Hoffe am Sudstern, 5th floor up

21:00 Screening

24:00 AfterParty in Shangl with DJ…

TUESDAY 31.12.

end of the world… eehm year


Program QK 2012

We landed in Berlin! watch the teaser and join us wherever u are and love to make movies!

All movies made during Quickino #3 will be screened on 30.12.2012 from 9pm at RegenbogenKino in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

28th Friday – 12am in The Zone 30 Berlin

SCREENING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              27th – 8pm – The Zone 30 Berlin
30th – 9pm – “Night of the Quickies” in RegenbogenKino, Lausitzer Str.22, Berlin-Kreuzberg

PARTY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    27th – 22.30 – concert and after a jam session
30th – 9pm – LAST PARTY on the end of QUICKINO in Filmkunstbar, Reichenberger Str.155, Berlin-Kreuzberg
If you want to participate from OUTSIDE BERLIN write a short mail to quickinokabaret(at)

Quickino is coming !

…even if there is no money,
even if we won’t sleep at all,
even if it’s too late,
even if it’s so cold,
even if we have so much work,
even if we drinked yesterday,
even if nobody cares,
even if there is no money…

even if the world goes down!

We are gonna take the trashes of the old world and RECYCLE them in a crazy moviemaking planet! So if you wanna be there, be there and make the last short movie of the year 2012! Use what you have and even if it won’t be the best movie you ever did and even not the best idea of the year, but it will be an experience of dynamic film making. Recycle all old ideas of the past year in one simple message!

There will be 2 sessions and 2 public screenings:
24hours warm-up session
26.12. production meeting at 20.00 to
27.12. small screening at 20:00
72hours “le grand” session
28.12. production meeting at 12.00
30.12. big screening at 21:00

The funky kinokabaret comes again in the last days of the year and everyone who loves making movies can take this crazy challenge to make a short film, so called “quickie”, for which you don’t need much time and energy, just a good, simple idea! Don’t overload yourself, its a filmmaker’s holiday, we wanna have fun and enjoy the creation, exchange and cooperate with film interested people, from all around the world!