Program QK#4

FRIDAY 27.12. welcome meeting, making music, inspiration please!

18:00-20:00 Production meeting

20:00 dinner

22:00 – 03.00 concert and jam-session

SATURDAY 28.12.  it’s a shooting and party day!

10:00 Meeting at the breakfast

20:00 dinner

24:00 – 06:00 little trip into a dancing night life – RAW, The Zone, Sandman)

all day – brainstorming, shooting, drinking and enjoying

SUNDAY 29.12. new ideas coming, we wanna shoot more!

12:30 Meeting for new projects with brunch (Olly makes crepes) 🙂

all day – shooting and editing everywhere

all night – editing what’s possible, making music and sounds

MONDAY 30.12. edit, edit, edit – finish, export, screen it!

10:00 breakfast

10:00-19:00 finishing, music, shooting the last movie… maybe


19:00 leaving Shangl and giving all movies (ABGABE)

20:00 door opens at Sputnik Cinema at U7 Sudstern, Hoffe am Sudstern, 5th floor up

21:00 Screening

24:00 AfterParty in Shangl with DJ…

TUESDAY 31.12.

end of the world… eehm year



Art is… to make it!

Some of you were expecting it for a long time… but then, it looked like it’s not gonna happen anymore… after all, nobody was expecting anything… but still:  The last week of the year – it’s Quickino time again!

Everything what you need to make a movie will be here: people, some equipment, inspiring place… Maybe this is the last opportunity to make something, if it’s the end of the year or not! The best movie you’ve ever made, the one you’re gonna send to The Cannes Filmfestival… you can do it (next year)! Now there is just 4 days and in Berlin the time is running even more quick (it’s maybe because of the party, anarchy and art around)! You’ve got to be either very quick or very simple and easy to make, get straight to the point!

Everything I learned from Kinokabarets, I’d try to reduce in few sentences: -If you wanna make a movie, you can make a movie. No matter what. And you will manage to show it on the end.- For me, art can be anything that has been created… the step is between the wish to do something and the action. But art is inspired only by itself, it must not be ordered! At Quickino, there is no competition or jury, categories or any selection, no material reward and fame. You do it for the time you are doing it. This is artistic freedom. When you do, whatever and however you feel. All movies will land on the big screen in the Sputnik cinema on Monday, 30/12/2013 at 9pm.

Let’s roll and have some laugh!

See you on friday.



PS: Here are some beautiful memories from Marcel

and some great quickies from last year

Program QK 2012

We landed in Berlin! watch the teaser and join us wherever u are and love to make movies!

All movies made during Quickino #3 will be screened on 30.12.2012 from 9pm at RegenbogenKino in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

28th Friday – 12am in The Zone 30 Berlin

SCREENING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              27th – 8pm – The Zone 30 Berlin
30th – 9pm – “Night of the Quickies” in RegenbogenKino, Lausitzer Str.22, Berlin-Kreuzberg

PARTY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    27th – 22.30 – concert and after a jam session
30th – 9pm – LAST PARTY on the end of QUICKINO in Filmkunstbar, Reichenberger Str.155, Berlin-Kreuzberg
If you want to participate from OUTSIDE BERLIN write a short mail to quickinokabaret(at)

Quickino is coming !

…even if there is no money,
even if we won’t sleep at all,
even if it’s too late,
even if it’s so cold,
even if we have so much work,
even if we drinked yesterday,
even if nobody cares,
even if there is no money…

even if the world goes down!

We are gonna take the trashes of the old world and RECYCLE them in a crazy moviemaking planet! So if you wanna be there, be there and make the last short movie of the year 2012! Use what you have and even if it won’t be the best movie you ever did and even not the best idea of the year, but it will be an experience of dynamic film making. Recycle all old ideas of the past year in one simple message!

There will be 2 sessions and 2 public screenings:
24hours warm-up session
26.12. production meeting at 20.00 to
27.12. small screening at 20:00
72hours “le grand” session
28.12. production meeting at 12.00
30.12. big screening at 21:00

The funky kinokabaret comes again in the last days of the year and everyone who loves making movies can take this crazy challenge to make a short film, so called “quickie”, for which you don’t need much time and energy, just a good, simple idea! Don’t overload yourself, its a filmmaker’s holiday, we wanna have fun and enjoy the creation, exchange and cooperate with film interested people, from all around the world!


Curious about what happened last year at Quickino?!

You can sneak-a-peek at Quickino Vimeo group.

Have fun!



Last Year’s Best Moments

What is between X-mas and New Year?

and so is it going to be this year too???

Quick Hello!